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Friday, August 21, 2015

Advertising Week's #AWChat from August 11th- Expanded Edition

Hello everyone! This blog post is dedicated to +Advertising Week's #AWChat from August 11th. This will be an expanded edition as I'm not bound to the 140 characters on Twitter.

Has advertising sufficiently adapted? It's hard to tell since anything can happen between now and later. Should they adapt sufficiently, absolutely. Throughout the years, advertising has adapted from traditional media to digital. Now that 9 million US homes are dropping pay TV in favor of web, advertising can still thrive under these services as long as they know how to target their audience.

If this is the Golden Age of TV, sure. 10 years ago, time shifting, and reality shows were the norm of that era. Now, we are beginning to enter a time where using the DVR is discouraged in favor of watching programs live due to live interaction on social media. Also, scripted shows are starting to step up their game thus a renaissance has happened. Unlike previous years, notable successful shows have ventured into outlets that are not traditional television such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. 

As I mentioned before during the #AWChat last week, advertisers can have ads air before and after the program. Someone on twitter said during the chat Korea follows the model where no ads air during the program but "air in-between the shows". This is a model similar to PBS. No advertising is done during the show (except for speical circumstances), and are kept to sponsors who sponsor the show. Not only should the new outlets follow the model, but also certain traditional tv outlets. Now if only some sports such as the NFL would do a thing where there is limited commercial interruption.

One example I have seen is the "second screen experience". Historically, WWE Raw used second screen experience to air original live videos to show the matches during commercial breaks or have exclusive interviews air on their WWE App. Although the original videos during the show have discontinued, the app still remains useful since they can rely on public vote for select occassions (although the public vote is subject to debate).

Even though the show's season finale is this Monday, I would have to say Tough Enough. Reason was to see which contestant would get eliminated and how they interacted with the judges. Other than that, the only thing I see live every week are games from my favorite teams and live WWE programming. Due to the DVR and VOD, there has been less urgency to watch shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Suits, or Family Guy. However, anything can change by September. If there is a show that is considered must see for me every week live, it has to be a compelling show to watch.