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Friday, February 20, 2015

WATCHESPN and DIRECTV's relationship is "Best for Business"

In case you have missed it, ESPN and the Disney TV Group have formed a partnership with DIRECTV to have their apps be seen for customers who are subscribers to DIRECTV. That means that consumers can now watch ESPN, Disney Channel, Disney XD, as well as their local ABC affiliate on their iOS, Android, or any other connected device.

This is a move that is considered "best for business". Yes I know that word is cliche, but this applies here. The reason why it's the best move because for so many years, WatchESPN was exclusive to cable providers and DirecTV customers were shut out from the experience. Prior to the announcement, DISH subscribers were added to watch the ESPN apps, but DIRECTV was still left out in the dust.

With the announcement, this will bode well for both parties. For ESPN, the number of apps downloaded will increase significantly. On DIRECTV's side, this can also serve well to customers who use the internet more often than watch television. After all, ESPN claims to be the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" while DIRECTV has the most sports channels out of all providers. Give me a good reason why these two can't get along?

More on the announcement: http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2015/02/espn-disneyabc-television-group-launch-watch-authenticated-products-directv-customers/

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