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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why is 2015 different from Marty's 2015- BTTF Theory

DISCLAIMER: The author of this blog is fully aware of the difference between fiction and reality. This is primarily a theory from the author on Back to the Future Part II.

Hello everyone. As you all know, October 21, 2015 is fully upon us. What is special about October 21, 2015. This is the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown come to the year 2015. However, the 2015 they visited is a stark contrast to our 2015. And here is a reason why. Before I dwell into that, here is a video clip of Doc explaining the "alternate reality"

Now, from what you see here, this is my theory of the "alternate reality" illustrated below. 

It starts at the year, 1985. On that year, Marty and Doc travel to the year 2015 to prevent Marty Jr. from going to jail. At that point somewhere in 2015, an aged Biff Tannen stole the DeLorean and traveled to 1955. From that point, the 1985 that Marty and Doc knew was gone because it was at that point where it became "Biff's 1985". Marty and Doc would travel to 1955 and burn the almanac.


At that point, their 1985 returned and Biff's reality ceased to exist. However, Doc's time machine took him to 1885 due to a malfunction. Marty would travel to 1885 to bring Doc back home, but at the end, it was only Marty who returned via DeLorean. From that point, Marty picked up Jennifer and took the car for a drive. From there, he encountered Needles. Needles dared him to a car race on the street once the traffic lights turned green. Even though Marty looked like he was going to race, he actually reversed the car and prevented his accident that year. From that point, the fax "You're Fired" that Jennifer kept a copy of was erased. 


Afterwards, the future had been changed so drastically due to the butterfly effect. The 2015 that Marty and Doc knew no longer existed.

Going back to what I drew up on the alternate timeline, the exact moment where Marty avoided the accident was when the timeline skewed somewhere creating an alternate 2015. Alternate for Marty and Doc, reality for the rest of us. This is the reason why there are no flying cars, people dressing unorthodox on the streets (unless if your name is Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga), or the fact that hoverboards are only in beta phase.

What did translate from Marty's 2015 to this 2015 are watching multiple programs on one TV, video conferencing, making phone calls with goggles, thumbprint scanning along with many more. 

The moral is this. If you do decide to time travel, be very careful what you do because that can cause a butterfly effect on everything else later on.

- Kalind Patel

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